Wedding Day Hair and Make-Up

Wedding Day Hair and Make-Up

There is something special about getting dolled up on your wedding day.  You get to feel pampered and beautiful, your pictures will look great, and your groom will be in awe.  Here are some helpful things to keep in mind for your wedding day hair and make-up, whether you choose to hire someone to help you or style yourself:

Look Like Yourself

I personally wear a lot of make-up all the time, but when I went to some make-up trials the artists wanted to give me a “natural bridal look.”  Sure, that style of make-up looks beautiful, but just wasn’t me.  I finally found a make-up artist who listened to what I wanted (long lashes!  shimmer!) and also helped guide me with her expert opinions.  Same goes for hair: get your hair styled in a way that you love, not necessarily in the way that you think you “should.”  Speak up for yourself, ask for changes if you aren’t satisfied, and remember that you want to look like the best version of you, not someone else.

Set-up a Trial

One way to eliminate wedding day stress is to set-up a hair and make-up trial before your wedding day; that way there will be no surprises on your big day and you will know exactly what to expect.  Bring pictures to your trial of your favorite hair and make-up styles, and let your stylist work his/her magic.  A good bridal hair and make-up person will make changes at your request, and it is a great opportunity to see if you are happy with what you envisioned.  Also, make sure to take pictures after the trial that you can refer to later; maybe your lip color isn’t showing up like you hoped on camera, so you will be able to let your make-up artist know to go a little darker for your big day.

Bring a Touch-up Kit

You don’t need to remember this tip since your Wedding Day Template includes this on the “Bride’s Packing List” page!  Bringing a little touch-up kit to your wedding is a must (think hairspray, lip color, blotting papers, etc.).  You can touch up your hair and make-up for a few minutes throughout the night (after eating, dancing, etc.) and you will look picture-perfect the whole time.

With all of the planning you are doing picking out cakes, menus, and invites, don’t forget about yourself.  These wedding day hair and make-up tips will help make you feel oh-so-special on your happy day.

-Happy Planning!