You did it! You planned your wedding and the big day is finally here.  Here are 3 Wedding Day Tips for a smooth ride on your special day:
1) Eat!
Start your day off with breakfast and some exercise.  You will feel energized and ready to take on the day.  Don’t skimp on lunch either; while you are getting ready, have a bridesmaid grab you a sandwich.  Your dress is going to fit not matter what at this point, and you won’t have to worry about your stomach growling at the altar or getting drunk after one sip of champagne.
2) Bring a copy of your Wedding Day Template!
Give a bridesmaid a copy for your peace of mind.  Before you leave for the venue, do a quick run through to make sure you and your bridal party are bringing your purses, make-up, and whatever else you may need.
3) Smile!
The planning is over.  You survived.  Now is the time to smile, relax, and enjoy your day.  With your Wedding Day Template, you haven’t missed a thing and your wedding is going to be spectacular.  Marry that man of your dreams, be in love, dance with your friends and family, and simply enjoy yourself.  It is going to fly by!

-Happy Planning